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  • Description

    Deep protection silicification for waterproofing and refurbishing old and new buildings in the Kiesol System according to WTA Code of Practice 4-4-04/D Injecting Masonry Work against Capillary Moisture Numerous expert opinions, test certificates, factory production controls and external supervision. Proved in practice for more than 50 years.

  • Uses

    • Kiesol is a liquid combination product made of water repelling silicic acid compounds
    • Water repelling, capillary narrowing, deep protection for waterproofing damp masonry work
    • Protection against capillary rising damp through injection with Kiesol in a borehole procedure
    • Diffusion open barrier zone (deep protection) against the effect of moisture from behind
    • Improved adhesion by priming, diluted 1:1 with water
    • Strengthens the substrate and increases chemical resistance through silicification
    • Faster working operations through silicification treatments with waterproofing grouts (system waterproofing in one day)
    • As a solvent-free, highly concentrated system component, Kiesol is environment-friendly and is thus also suitable for in door applications
    • Suppresses capillary water absorption according to WTA, tested up to a degree of 80%
  • How to apply

    System products: As above plus Remmers Sulfatex Grout and Remmers Elasto Grout 2K.

    Range of use:

    • For improving the surface of concrete (concrete pipes) with Kiesol.
    • Mineral strengthening of dusting concrete, screed surfaces and masonry work using Kiesol.
    • As crack-bridging protection against diffusion as well as aggressive water (DIN 4030) on concrete using Kiesol and Spray-On Waterproofing 1K.
    • For waterproofing reservoir against water pressure according to the state-of-the-art using Kiesol and Remmers Water proofing Grout or according to a patent pending with Kiesol, Remmers Sulfatex Grout and Remmers Elasto Grout 2K.
  • Notes

    Kiesol is not suitable for impregnating facades. Protect eye glasses, glass, tiles, clinker and similar from splashed material!
    Further details on application are found in the latest Technical Data Sheets for the respective system product, the brochure "Tight & Dry with a System", and performance specifications. The guideline for thick coatings and waterproofing grouts, DIN 18195 "Building Waterproofing" and DIN 1045 "Concrete and Reinforced Concrete" also apply.

  • Safety

    Further information on safety when transporting, storing and handling as well as disposal and ecology is found in the latest Safety Data Sheet.

  • Warranty

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