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  • Description

    • Very low-viscosity, polyurethane-based elastomer resin
    • Very good injection properties
    • High reactivity
    • Controlled pore formation with limited increase in volume
    • High flexibility, Watertight
    • Fulfils guideline for repair systems in contact with drinking water
  • Uses

    • Flexible sealing and filling of cracks, joints and voids in building construction, underground and civil engineering under dry, water-bearing and high-pressure water-bearing conditions
    • Injection works according to EN 1504-5
    • Injection hoses
    • Sealing of potable water structures
    • Subsequent sealing by horizontal barrier and, where necessary, vertical barrier against rising damp in masonry
    • REACh-assessed exposure scenarios: long-term water contact (crack), periodical inhalation, application
    • DIN EN 1504-5 classification: U (D1) W (1) (1/2/3/4 1)2) ) (6/35)
  • Infrastructure

    Before injection the structure and its leakages have to be inspected according to technical standards and regulations and an injection concept is to be planned.

  • Preparation of the material

    MC-Injekt 2300 top consists of two components, component A and component B. The components are mixed in the recommended ratio with slowly rotating stirrers until homogeneous. Before processing, the mixed reactive resin has to be repotted into a clean empty container or a container, in which only mixed resin of the same quality was
    stored. Repotting is fulfilled when the resin is poured into the reservoir of an injection pump and remixed thoroughly.

    When using a 2-component pump, the two components are mixed in the mixing head of the pump.

    Premixing is not necessary.
    The application time depends on the quantity of the mixed material and the ambient temperature.

  • Safety

  • Warranty

For more details about MC Injekt 2300, fill the form below:

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