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  • Description

    • Low-viscosity, polymer-modified, acrylic-based hydro-structural resin
    • Short controllable reaction time
    • Highly flexible when cured
    • Good adhesion properties
    • Fulfils KTW-requirements of test group D1 (large area sealing)
  • Uses

    • Sealing injection of joints, cracks and cavities in masonry and concrete
    • Sealing and bonding injection of contact areas between plastic sealing-strips and concrete
    • Supplementary exterior sealing of ground-connected structural parts through area-measured ground-gelling according to module 804.6102 of DB AG
    • Subsequent sealing by horizontal barrier and, where necessary, vertical barrier against rising moisture in masonry
    • REACh-assessed exposure scenarios: long-term water-contact, periodical inhalation, application
    • DIN EN 1504-5 classification: U (S2) W (1) (2/3/4) (1/40)
  • Preparation of infrastructure

    Before injection the structure’s cracks and voids have to be inspected according to technical standards and regulations, and an injection proposal is to be planned.

  • Preparation of the material

    MC-Injekt GL-95 TX is a multi-component injection system, consisting of component A (base) and component B (initiator solution), which are mixed from sub-components at the construction site.
    Component A is mixed from sub-components A1, A2 and A3. Component A2 is mixed into component A1 first, afterwards component A3 is added to the mixture A1/A2. Mixing is carried out using a wooden paddle. Component B is dissolved in component B1. The concentration of the solution determines the reaction time. Reaction times also depend on temperature.

  • Safety

  • Warranty

For more details about MC Injekt GL-95 TX, fill the form below:

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