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  • Description

    MC-Montan Injekt DR and MC-Montan Injekt DS are two-component injection resins curing to waterproof, flexible resin bodies. MC-Montan Injekt DR has a rapid reaction, MC-Montan Injekt DS

    has a slow reaction. Base and hardener components of both systems may be combined with each

    other. Application times between 2 and 80 minutes may be adjusted by mixing of component A.
    Both resins may be injected into rocks, building

    ground and structures both with and without exposure to water. In contact or when mixed with water

    closed-cell, waterproof pores are forming whichincrease the compressibility.

    • Two-component elastomer resin
    • Very good injectivity due to very low viscosity
    • Water-supplanting
    • Pore-forming, non-foaming
    • Complies with building material class B2 in respect of fire behaviour acc. to DIN 4102
    • Fulfils DIBt standards for appraisal of the impact of building materials on ground and groundwater
  • Uses

    • Sealing of chasms and cavities in mountainous zones, loose rock, soil, building ground and structures against pressurized water in building pit closures, tunnel- and special underground constructions
    • Stabilising of building ground against the risk of ground seepage
    • Sealing of voids and cracks in structures made of concrete and masonry
    • Sealing of running joints in structures
    • REACH-assessed exposure scenarios: long-term water-contact, periodical inhalation, application
  • Preparation of infrastructure

    Prior to application the injectivity of the rocks, building ground or structure must be checked and an injection concept is to be defined.

  • Preparation of the material

    Mixing of components A and B of MC-Montan Injekt DR is carried out during application in the mixing-head of the 2-component injection pump (spiral mixers min. 30 segments, grid mixers min. 10 elements). MC-Montan Injekt DS can be mixed until homogeneous and streak-free prior to the 1 component application.

  • How to apply

    Injection of rapid reacting resins is carried out using a 2-component injection pump with sufficient pressure and discharge capacity (e.g. MC-I 700).
    Slowly reacting resins (> 30 min) can be injected one-component using the MC-I 510 injection pump. Injection packers and lances must be suitable for the scheduled injection pressure, e.g. MC Injektionspacker LS 18 or MC-Injektionspacker DS 14. The packers may be combined with pile lances. For reaction of the resin a temperature of the ground/structure of at least + 6 °C is required during injection and curing.

For more details about MC Montan Injekt DR DS, fill the form below:

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