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  • Description

    MC-Montan Injekt FF is a two-component, fastreacting injection resin that reacts with a defined
    volume-increase to a solid closed-cell, waterproof and load-bearing hard foam.

    • 2-component duromer resins
    • Reacts to a pressure-resistant, hard-elastic hard foam by increasing the volume
    • Short reaction time approx. 1 minute
    • Water-displacing
    • Increase in volume with a defined foam
    • Complying with building material class B2 for fire behaviour acc. to DIN 4102 in the injection medium
    • Generally approved by the building authorities for injections in contact with soil and groundwater (DIBt)
    • Tested according to ZTV TL BEB-Stb for the structural preservation of traffic surfaces in concrete constructions
  • Uses

    • Increase of load-bearing capacity of building ground under base slabs and bed-plates
    • Fixing concrete slabs on traffic surfaces
    • Controlled uplifting injection of base slabs and bed-plates
    • Sealing and reinforcing of cavities and cracks in buildings made of concrete and masonry
    • Sealing of rigid joints in concrete buildings
    • REACH-assessed exposure scenarios: long-term water-contact, periodical inhalation, application
  • Preparation of infrastructure

    Prior to each application the injectivity of the rocks, building ground or structure must be checked and an injection concept is to be defined.

  • Preparation of the material

    Mixing of the components is carried out during application in the mixing-head of the 2-component injection pump (required mixing section: 20 cm grid mixers).

  • How to apply

    Injection is carried out using a 2-component injection pump with sufficient pressure and capacity (e.g. Perforator GX 45).
    Injection of MC-Montan Injekt FF must be stopped if the temperature of the ground / structure drops below + 6 °C. The access of moisture to the resin components in opened containers is to be effectively prevented (e.g. by drying agents, drying tubes).

For more details about MC Montan Injekt FF, fill the form below:

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