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A.Z. Advanced Construction Technologies

A.Z. is a market leader in development, production and marketing of sealing and finishing materials and a wide variety of advanced construction technologies
for the residential, industrial and infrastructure segments.
For over 30 years, A.Z. has been providing its customers with a wide range of smart solutions for projects throughout Israel, from saturated and private construction to national projects such as Ben-Gurion Airport, Timna Airport, railway infrastructures, Israel’s ports, water carriers, tunnels, bridges, defense projects, and more.
A.Z. has been at the forefront of Israel’s construction sector − generating constant technological development and improving quality, efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness. This is achieved through implementation of five key elements:

Developing innovative solutions and enhanced materials

The company’s laboratories develop and enhance sealing and restoration materials suited to the climate in Israel and work methods employed there, while researching and understanding both the existing and future needs of its construction sector.
The range of solutions offered by A.Z. is made in Israel, and bears both a Standards Institution of Israel stamp and a green stamp. These include glues, concrete admixtures, sealing materials, building restoration materials, special cements, plasters, etc.

Representing and marketing products of leading global companies

A.Z. exposes the domestic market to materials with unique properties and advanced solutions, from among the best available in the global construction sector. A.Z. serves as representative in Israel for several global companies at the cutting edge of construction technology, marketing their products and employing experts on their behalf in projects in Israel. Among these leading companies are MC, Remmers, Kerakoll, and more.

Providing support and guidance through all project stages

When A.Z. puts its technical teams at the disposal of projects, their professional expertise is applied through all stages – from planning, consulting and development, through construction and final completion. Our broad base of knowledge and vast experience in building and infrastructures give our management teams a broad, professional perspective, enabling them to meet any challenge that arises in the field.

Operating a knowledge and enrichment center

In the aim of making Israel’s construction sector more professional and advanced, A.Z. Marketing invests a great deal of resources in enriching the construction market. As part of these efforts, the company conducts conferences and study days in Israel and abroad, as well as training and demonstrations in the field on correct, efficient and effective application of the company’s various products.

A sign of quality, reliability and service

Over its 30 years of activity, A.Z. Marketing has earned its reputation as a highly professional and reliable company. The company’s products are frequently tested in laboratories in Israel and abroad. They bear an Israel Standards Institute stamp, a green stamp and an EU Standard stamp. Company personnel undergo professional training courses and instruction, and the company is committed to an uncompromisingly high level of service.

A.Z. Is part of the A.Z. Group, including Lariplast, specializing in concrete additives, and Pheonix Ceramics, dealing in import and marketing of ceramic tiles for retail businesses and projects.
The group’s power is an outcome of its broad-based activity in the Israeli construction sector, and its ability to present real solutions, designed to meet both the current and future needs of the construction sector.