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  • Description

    MC-Montan Injekt CB is a two-component organomineral resin which cures to a solid, waterproof

    resin body. It may be injected into building ground and structures both with and without exposure to water. The resin displaces existing water and does not foam in contact with water.

    • Rapid hardening, two-component organo-mineral resin
    • Water-displacing
    • Non-foaming
    • High compressive- and tensile strength
    • Low-flammable
    • Harmless to groundwater
  • Uses

    • Sealing and solidification of open seams and cavities in rock zones, loose rock, ground
    • Increase of load-bearing capacity of building ground under base slabs and bed-plates
    • Controlled uplifting of base slabs and bed-plates in building constructions
    • Controlled uplifting of deck slabs according to ZTV BEB Stb
    • Sealing and reinforcing of cavities and cracks in buildings made of concrete and masonry
    • Sealing of running joints in concrete buildings
  • Preparation of the material

    Mixing of the components is carried out during application in the mixing-head of the 2-component injection pump (mixing section with spiral mixers with at least 30 segments).

  • How to apply

    Injection is carried out using a 2-component injection pump with sufficient pressure and capacity.

    Ensure to only use injection packers which are capable to withstand the injection pressure of the pump, e.g. MC-Injektionspacker LS 18. These high-pressure packers require drill channels with a diameter of 18 mm. They may be combined with pile-driving lances with an inner diameter of 18 mm.

  • Safety

  • Warranty

For more details about MC Montan Injekt CB, fill the form below:

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